The Illinois College Automotive Instructors Association (identified as ICAIA) is dedicated to providing comprehensive automotive technology education and training for its membership on a semi-annual basis.

Its members shall consist of high school, community college and university automotive technology instructors, individuals whose livelihood is directly related to the automotive industry, and students who are pursuing a career in automotive service and repair.  (Even though the association has Illinois in its name, individuals residing in surrounding states are encouraged to become members).

ICAIA will support state and national organizations which can aid in the betterment of Vocational and Technical Education, especially those that support programs that prepare individuals for careers in the automotive service industry.

The following purposes are of equal importance in realizing the mission of the ICAIA:

To provide automotive instructors with current technical information semi-annually.

To utilize technical seminars, equipment displays, and training aids to further upgrade automotive technology instructors.

To allow networking and interactions between professional colleagues and individuals from industry during ICAIA conferences.

To provide up-to-date technical automotive career education that meets the needs of students, business, and industry.

To award scholarships to automotive technology students as directed by the ICAIA Board of Directors.